The Cat Mountain Lodge Nature Trail


Cat Mountain Lodge has undergone yet another change! Explore the new half-mile nature trail as it meanders through a scenic part of the Sonoran Desert called the Arizona Upland. Two benches along the way encourage the trail goer to pause and appreciate the quiet splendor or southwestern nature. One rests under a towering saguaro cactus, and the other has a wonderful view of the majestic Golden Gate Peak and a long view across Avra Valley to Baboquivari, a sacred peak of the Tohono O’odam Natice American tribe.


You will enjoy the changing seasons of native tress such as velvet mesquite, palo verde, as well as white-thron and cat-claw acacia. There are many glorious specimens of cactus on the trail, including prickly pear, saguaro, cholla, and barrel cactus. While on the path, you might spy a road less taken. There is a sign to the meditation destination, and it is a slight detour to a perfect spot for reflection.


While there, you will see a perfect vista of foliage and mountain majesty.


Overall, this new trail is small enough that it is leisurely, yet is filled with everything that makes the Sonoran Desert great. Who knows, you could see a bobcat walk by!


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