Bakelite: A Love Story

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At Buffalo Trading Post, we get interesting things coming into the store on a daily basis. It’s truly a treasure hunter’s dream come true, and if you are into Bakelite, your dreams are about to become a reality. But first, a brief history:

-Patented in 1907 by Belgian-born chemist Leo Baekeland, Bakelite was originally used for its nonconductivity in electrical insulators,  radio and telephone casings, and such diverse products as kitchenware, pipe stems, and toys. It is known today as the first thermosetting plastic.

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Antique Bakelite items—from household appliances to jewelry—today are displayed in museums and sold for large sums. Their appeal to collectors may lie in Bakelite’s distinctive look, as well as the way they represent a particular era: a time when more and more consumers were able to take advantage of previously out-of-reach fashions and consumer goods.

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In honor of Bakelite and our love of it, Buffalo Trading Post is running a 20% off sale of all Bakelite items on Valentine’s Day! Come pick out the perfect pieces for your collection, or start your very own collection.